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Straightedge is a philosophy based on self-preservation and abstinence from the "poisons" (alcohol, illegal drugs, cigarettes, promiscuous sex, etc..) many consume each day. This is a philosophy which is a major part of our beliefs and we think it makes each one of us stronger individuals. By being SxE, we discipline ourselves at our own will. It is much harder to reject the popular, indulgent past-times that most kids and adults (sadly) participate in chronically, than to follow the crowd. I know from experience, that by being SxE, I have avoided learning many lessons the hard way in life. I have also learned a lot about myself and that by being sober, I am able to concentrate more on living my life to the fullest, rather than stumbling through it, unaware of my faults. Deciding to go Straightedge is purely something someone should do for themselves. Although some identify SxE as a trend or as a shallow belief to label yourself by during a brief instant in one's life, it is not meant to be that way. Straightedge should be a life-long commitment. It is not in anyway a religion, but just a simple philosophy to live by and be proud of because it takes a lot of courage and will to be SxE.
To be SxE you must not ever consume cigarettes, alcohol, narcotics, or engage in promiscous sex (having sex with someone you don't truly love) . It is not a gang- there are no members of Straightedge, only believers. You don't have to listen to HxC or punk music, or draw an X on your hand when you go to a show, you just have to be true to yourself about where you stand and not participate in the apathy caused by drug-use or having sex with someone that you don't truly love. It's all about caring for yourself and others.

Straightedge is a non-violent movement, but unfortunately there are some individuals who carry their beliefs too far. Just as in any sub-group of modern society, there will be those who bring it a bad name. Militant Straightedge-followers are often called "hardliners" and use violence against others for no good reason. These people are ignorant and bring SxE a bad name and reputation. In the past year there have been many attacks on Straightedge by the media (on shows such as 20/20, America's Most Wanted, CNN News and Hard Copy) that were influenced by the actions of these individuals who take Straightedge to an unhealthy length. Straightedge is about positive change, and the actions of these so-called "hardliners" have tarnished the true meaning of SxE in the eyes of the public. In no way does the actions of these nutcases represent what SxE is about. Like I said before, it is about caring for yourself and others.

We don't mean to preach or anything, but we just want open a door to somebody who maybe needs some direction to hold on to in their lives. We're not in anyway running down people who do drugs, or people who practice promiscuous sex, we really just would like to make a positive difference somehow. Finer Truth is all about SxE and enjoying life, because it is a precious gift. X

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